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Professional Representation & Integrity is our Priority 

Gold Seal Signatures LLC has been serving the New Hampshire area since 2021 with measurable success and our business continues to be a #1 referral based business 

We understand that many individuals and companies require last minute signings, or signings that happen throughout the day and even night. Many of these companies are just not equipped to accommodate this role. 

At Gold Seal Signatures LLC, we are committed to accommodating your business in an expediential and efficient manner. We are your internal support for your company and your clients. 

We are dedicated, efficient, and knowledgeable as your needs are our daily task.

As a Commission Notary ~ Certified Loan Signing Agent, we take pride in providing our clients with accurate, dependable and professional services. 

Always committing to making your experience with Gold Seal Signatures LLC professional as well as rewarding.

What Is A Notary?

A notary public is a public officer constituted by law who is certified to witness and confirm the signing of legal documents. When you work with a notary public, they will serve three important purposes:

  • Confirm the identities of the participating parties
  • Witness signatures between them
  • Sign off on the validity of the agreement 

What Do Notaries Do?

What duties does a Notary perform? A Notary's duty is to screen the signers of important documents — such as property deeds, wills and powers of attorney — for their true identity, their willingness to sign without duress or intimidation, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction

What is A Signing Agent 

A Notary Signing agent is a Notary Public that has been specifically trained to facilitate mortgage documents for borrowers who purchase or refinance their current mortgage within the finance industry.

We are the critical final link needed to complete a loan. The Notary Signing agents play the role as the impartial witness to identify the signer, verify that all documents are signed and dated, notarize all documents, and return the executed loan package to the lender. 


I am not an attorney, therefore I am legally prohibited from explaining/interpreting contents of any documents, instructing you on how to complete a document, or direct you on the advisability of signing a particular document.

Please seek legal advice from an experienced and licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of New Hampshire.